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Amusing, informative & sparkling

Arts, crafts, history, collecting, war and children' toys. These are a few aspects that you can expect in our Museum. The world of the tin figures is quite similar to our real world but only 30 mm high. But not everything in our Museum is so tiny, a wall painting by Matthijs Röling, in which he depicts all the aspects of the world of the Tin figures is as high as the staircase of the Museum.

Old shop


It's an amusing museum...,

'Never known this was such an amusing museum', we often hear our guests say. For a long time, tin figures are no children's toys. However they still fascinate young and old alike. In our museum the figures depict fairy tales, mythology, fantasy and all kinds of history.

Collection tin soldiers


It's an informative museum...,

We have a rich collection of tin figures from all periods of history. Many stories from the history lessons in school will refresh your memory when you visit our dioramas. There are also less well-known historic events like the battle of Ane, which took place in 1227 between poor farmers and the knights of the Bishop of Utrecht.

it's a sparkling museum


And it's a sparkling museum.

We try to bring the tin figures to life by taking you into the ancient world of the craft of pewter casting; from the engraving of the moulds, to the painting of the figurines. There are frequent exhibitions and we have workshops where you can create your own figures and paint them! There are changing exhibitions of collections on loan, also special topics or issues related to the tin figure world.

The little tin soldier

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